Free write Friday!

This week we had a pretty interesting photo as the prompt for FWF, I hope you enjoy my take on it! This is how I’d feel about my wedding dress/day (if I believed in marriage, but that’s a whole different post I suppose).


I’m supposed to be dainty
And fragile.
Laced bodice
Silk sleeved

Pristine blanched fabric draped across shoulders
that he is appointed to keep weightless
hugging hips he is supposed
to keep bearing the weight of his blooming seeds

I am supposed to be smooth curves
A place to sink  into
But I am so much more

I am the land he will build his home on
I will share his burdens
and the weight of his struggles
will rest equally on my shoulders

I have sharp edges
and fierce-ness pouring from the depths of my eyes
I am powerful
save the fragility for moments that call for it

I am unbreakable
No lace bodice
Silk sleeved
pristine on my body

I will wear my backbone on our wedding day
Pearls along each vertebrae
Demonstrating that wife is not synonymous with weak
Showing how beautiful strength really is

FWF! And my 300th post!

So I’ve been absent from Free Write Friday for a while now but I’m glad I had a few minutes today to sit down and write! This is also my 300th post oFWF! And my 300th post!n this blog (whoo hoo)! Anyway, the prompt was:

My attempt:

Some days it just doesn’t make sense.
Not any of it.
How we threaten with palms tight around unlit matches
And eyes falling in love with gasoline canisters
Without hesitation

We forget that we are forests
We are branch limbed
And wildflower tongued
We are all too willing start something we cannot contain.


So that was my contribution to the prompt, hope you enjoyed! 

Something has tried to kill me and failed…

Earlier this year I had the privilege of competing in the Women Of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) and it was an amazing experience. One of my favorite aspects of that weekend was the workshops held by amazing poets like Gypsy Yo, Denise Jolly and Mahogany Browne. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make it to all of the workshops, just the ones by the poets I mentioned. The poem I am sharing with you all today comes from the workshop facilitated by Mahogany Browne. We covered a lot of ground in her workshop and I wish I had even more time under her wing as she is a phenomenal inspiration.

The prompt we were given was to use this as our muse: “Come celebrate with me today. Something has tried to kill me and failed.” After we began to write Mahogany would toss out a random word every now and then that was to alter the path of our thoughts and it was our job to mold our words around that and make it coherent. Here is what happened (words in highlight were the words she tossed out if I remember correctly).

He took my heart
left me gasping for breath.
I was nearly buried in the spot
he abandoned me in. 

He was savage 
I swear he was
in the way he reached into me
and twisted until my pulse was his to control

When he told me it was over
I swear, 
He was savage

Must have been out for blood
Used to be the cave I dwelled in 
he was the place I’d go to 
when things weren’t or shouldn’t have been

Now he is the place I am held hostage
he is the unsafe space 
I thought was home.

He used to be the warmest blue
now, I swear it, 
he is silver cold,
winter white has got nothing on him

His love was once a roar
I couldn’t shut out
now he only sounds like an incessant hum of
It’s over. It’s over. It’s over.

I am under my skin naked
gasping for the air I gave his name
as if my lungs, gliding over and under, 
could tell my esophagus to call him back to me

I am covered in rust 
the way I cried for him
the moment he walked away from me
turned me tarnished

I wonder if it’s because she laughed more
smelled like something prettier,
like lavender.
Sustained him the way water sustains,

I wonder if she knows how he will take her love
and rip it, bend it, make malleable of it
as if it is not supposed to be stronger than steel
I swear he will, I swear it.

He tried to kill me, my heart, with his love.
He failed. 
I wailed
maybe like a banshee for all I know

I gave him hours he didn’t deserve
but when dusk came,
when it settled in around me like dust
I was still here

Breathing air I gave a new name,
my own name
as if my lungs, over and under, 
could tell my esophagus to call me back to myself. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I thought that prompt was awesome because it takes what you are writing onto a completely different path! Hopefully I will get the time to edit this and clean it up a bit as it is in its original form. Thanks for reading! 

My possibly unpopular opinion on social interactions…

A friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday about something that bothered him so I thought I’d share a few of my own thoughts on the subject. His post was about his opinion on the “fad of people popping in headphones the second they get up from their desk, in the elevator, etc.”

I read through the comments and made my own as well on the topic but here I want to fully invest in my opinion on the matter, so let’s go.

To start, I think that it has completely become the norm to pop in headphones at any random moment, be it walking to the bus station, heading to the break room or moving through the line in a grocery store. We all have our reasons. For some it is an easy distraction or a way to pass time and for others it is a way to let people know that you are not open to conversation without actually having to be a butt and say you are not open to conversation.

After reading the post my friend wrote as well as the comments that people made in response I became bothered by the fact that this “anti-social” act seems to offend or upset others. To me it seems silly that people are frustrated with their peers decision to abstain from socializing on their own time.

I personally am “that person”, the one who will put on headphones the moment I am on break because it’s my break and that’s the way I want to keep it. Is that wrong? No. Socializing is supposed to be a positive and fulfilling experience, in my opinion that means that all parties involved are there because they WANT to be.

I have more introvert qualities than extrovert. I can be social and the center of a conversation when I choose to be but most days I like to lay low. Why should I be looked at with annoyance because I don’t want to engage with my peers? I shouldn’t. No one should. Interaction for some takes more energy than can be imagined by those who are ‘social butterflies’.

Another issue I have with this whole topic is this; I have had days where I didn’t pop in headphones the instant I stepped away from my desk and hit the break room and still never wound up engaged in a scintillating conversation. Why do people think that the headphones in everyone’s ears are the real reason conversations aren’t happening? If someone wants to talk to you, it will happen. If not, it won’t happen…simple as that, headphones or not.

My main problem though is that it seems as if some people feel like they are entitled to a social interaction with their peers strictly because they are in the same place at the same time. No. It does not work that way. Social interaction is a two way street, there must be give and take. If my attention is not given then that means it is not your right to be offended if it does not become yours to take.  

I’m going to stop myself now because I can feel this post is only going to get longer and longer with my thoughts when I’m really eager to know your opinion on this. Does it bother you when you see your co-workers/peers choose their headphones over chatting? Do you think it should matter to others if you slink off to the break room with your music as your lunch date? Are you someone who always slips headphones in when you have a spare moment or do you hate when you witness this action from your peers? If I’m not the only one with an opinion on this, let’s discuss!

Poem of the week! “My Body” by Lisa Shaffer


I randomly came across this poem and I loved it so I figured I’d share it with you guys! Just click the link below to view the poem and leave the author a comment!

Read: My Body

Reading vs. Watching (The Fault In Our Stars has spurred this post)

This is the thing, reading a book versus watching a movie based on the book will always be a different experience. I believe that a book can be adapted into a great movie. However, I don’t know that the feeling you will leave with after watching the movie will ever compare to the feeling you have after reading the book.

Think about it: when you read a book you spend hours, HOURS, with the characters. You can’t sit down and read a novel in two hours. You invest time into getting to know and understand the people that you are reading about. You get an inside look into their thoughts and opinions. You get personal with them. With a movie, as lovable as they try to make the character, you still lose the depth of that bond.

Last night I saw The Fault In Our Stars (loved it!) which I had also read the book for. The movie was brilliant, they kept so many of the great lines that made the characters so like-able (although there were some things that I would like to have seen included but were left out, understandably) and overall just did an amazing job of bringing the characters to life. As I stated before, I loved the movie, but I enjoyed the way I connected with the charecters more while reading the book. I want to know what you think, do you prefer reading the book or watching the movie versions?

New song! “Let it slide”

So I’ve been trying to figure out this whole music thing for years. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to making a song, all I know is that I like making them. I hope you enjoy this latest song, it’s definitely a work in progress but I feel like it’s off to a good start.

I can’t believe I actually released an album!

In case you missed the news, my album has been released! I am so happy that it’s done, it was a lot of work but I loved making it. The album is not perfect, there are a lot of things I think I would have liked to have done differently but I think that it’s still pretty awesome! I hope you will go check it out and support me by purchasing it or even just by sharing it with someone you think may enjoy my work! Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy already, you guys rock! I can’t wait to create another!


Purchase “In the making”!




An honest poem about letting someone take from your body without giving anything in return: Part two


I am thick thighs,
And flat ass
And plump middle

I am uncomfortable
When light and naked meet for the first time in your eyes

I am “insecure”

Question your intentions
Don’t believe a word you say
If any of it hints at wanting me

Don’t get me wrong,
I know my worth
Believe wholly in myself
Know I am amazing

But I don’t trust you when you say you know this too.
I can not “take your word for it”
My body taught me a long time ago that actions are the only language that means ANYTHING at all

Who here speaks my language?
I am a foreigner in the country of my flesh
Words are a meaningless currency here
And nothing is supposed to be cheap or easy to come by

But you want me to be free.

In your sheets
your eyes
Beneath your weight
As if I belong to your lips, your hands, your misguided opinion of me
Just because.

I am not something to check off your to-do list
You do not pencil me in like an oil change
Or a trip to the barbershop

You do not make me feel like I am unworthy
And get away with it

Did you know I can be intoxicating?
I have red wine lips you could get drunk off of
If you weren’t so scared shitless of taking a sip

Don’t you dare confuse me with your booty call
A midnight snack
I am a full course meal, if you hadn’t noticed

With my thick thighs,
And flat ass
(it’s wide but trust me it’s flat)
And plump middle

I never promised you anything
Just waited for the moment when light and my naked met for the first time in your eyes
And waited for you to speak my language

And waited
Wide open
For something that never came


 I know the title says this is part two, it is, but part one is not posted on this site at the moment so don’t freak out and think you’ve missed something. You can read part one here.

Just wanted to share: Shakia Chanel


art lives

Last Friday I got the chance to be a part of an awesome artist showcase called Art Lives and it was a great evening. One of my favorite parts of the night was getting to hear Shakia Chanel perform. This girl is crazy talented and you guys know how I feel about crazy talented people, I just have to share them with you! Shakia’s voice is so pure, in my opinion, it’s one of those voices that just sound effortless. I hope you will enjoy this performance, it’s not from last Friday, but I’ll see if she posts any videos from then and if so, expect another post :) 

Make sure you let Shakia know how much you enjoy what she does! You can follow her on twitter @shakia_chanel  she’s also on facebook and youtube.

Poem Of The Week! “Chalk Dust” by Jay Ward


Whoa! It’s June already! Time is flying by, huh? Well I’m happy to be bringing poem of the week back! I know it’s been a while but I just had so much going on the past few months that I had no time to do any updates. Enough about me though, let’s get down to the real reason you’re here!

This week we are kicking off POW with a poem called “Chalk Dust” by an awesome poet I am proud to say I know, Jay Ward.  This poet is not only a phenomenal writer and performer but also an amazing sounding board when I have needed feedback on my writing in the past. He has such a strong voice within his writing and leaves the audience awed whenever he hits the stage. I know you guys are gonna love his work as much as I do!

Be sure you let Jay know how this poem made you feel! Leave him a comment on his YouTube, follow him on twitter @jayward2030 and check out his website: 

And of course I’m always eager to hear about what you think of the poetry I share with you guys, so leave a comment below or tweet me about it @talichaj

Entire by M&O

I wanted to share this video, “Entire” by M&O, with you all because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song, the artists and of course, the actual video is just awesome. The vibe, the look, the sound…yes! I hope you guys will enjoy it!



You can buy this song PLUS a whole album filled with amazing songs on the M&O bandcamp page here! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Follow the duo on twitter @mnosoul


“Sunday Kind Of Love” (Excerpt) FWF!

The story up to this point: Leila and Remmy have been best friends since high school. Which is just about when Leila fell in love with him but since he never showed any interest she settled for being just friends. Now they are both in college and Remmy has just shared a secret he’d been keeping from her for years, something that will make it impossible for them to be together even though Remmy is finally confessing his true feelings for Leila.

Remmy was shaking beside her, she couldn’t tell if it was his frustration or something else at fault. “Leila, please don’t think less of me because of this.” he said with imploring eyes. All the anger she had flooded from her with that one look. “I could never think less of you for doing something you thought would help your family.” she said as she took his hand in hers and gave a tiny squeeze. She kept speaking, “But Remmy, this is a big deal. You have to tell your parents what’s going on.” He shook his head, “I can’t. That’s another part of my contract. I can’t tell anyone about it.” Leila tilted her head, “But you told me.” Remmy gave her a look, “You’re different. You’re the one person I can make the exception for.”

Leila tried to calm the sudden butterfly infestation that was occurring in her stomach as Rem gazed at her now. It was a different look, she thought she knew them all but this one was new. He was staring at her as if he was trying to tell her something, as if he needed her to know what he was thinking. “Leila, if I say something right now do you promise not to hold it against me in the future?” She gave him a questioning look but nodded slowly. Remmy turned on the bed so his whole body was facing her, then reached out and ran his thumb along her jaw line. The touch gave Leila warm shivers. What is happening, she thought as she stared at her best friend. When he spoke his voice seemed to be coming from far away, almost muffled. Yet, she heard him, she understood. “I know you’re my someone better.” he said. Leila closed her eyes and tried to swallow past the lump in her throat. Remmy’s finger stopped tracing her soft skin. She knew what she needed to say, she just didn’t want to speak the words.

This whole time she’d known he was the one, and now he was telling her she was the one too. But it didn’t matter, it’s not like they could ever be together now. “Remmy, don’t do this.” She pleaded as she opened her eyes again to look at him. He looked hurt as he spoke, “Why not Leila? I lo…” Leila gave him a stern look and shook her head as she cut him off. “Please don’t say what I think you were going to say.” Leila slid to the edge of the bed and stood quickly. “I’m gonna go.” Remmy was only a beat behind her, nearly stumbling from standing too quickly as he tried to stop her from reaching the door. “Why are you leaving?” He asked frantically. “Because Remmy, this is too much.” She had one hand on the door knob but she couldn’t go yet. With her back to him she rested her forehead against the door as if she needed it’s support to go on.

“Did you know?” She said tentatively, relishing the way the door cooled her skin. Behind her, she heard Remmy moving closer. “Did I know what?” He asked which caused Leila to let out a harsh laugh. “How I’ve felt about you. This whole time, what, five years we’ve been friends. Have you known this whole time?” This was easy, she thought, talking to him without looking at him. She could do this. “For years, Remmy, I have cared about you in a way that I have never cared for anyone else. Tell me, if you’ve known.” Remmy was so close now. He placed one hand on the door near the side of Leila’s face to brace himself. With his other hand he tugged at Leila’s waist, trying to turn her towards him. “Will you look at me, please?” he asked when she resisted. Reluctantly she turned and looked up into his eyes. “I didn’t know.” his voice was rough with emotion, “But I hoped you did. I hoped when you looked at me you saw something worth looking at. I hoped you felt something for me like what I feel for you.” His hand was still on her waist, with his other, he tilted her chin up towards his face. “Leila, I know you don’t want to hear this but I need to say it.” He waited for her nod before he bent his head down so close their noses brushed. Instinctively, Leila licked her lips as her heart raced. Now she was the one shaking.

Remmy’s warm breath was causing more shivers as her eyes fluttered shut. His lips were almost pressed to hers when he whispered, “I love you, Leila Andrews, I’m in love with you.” He let the words kiss her. He spoke them slowly against her, letting his tongue slip across her bottom lip as he said her name. Leila felt like she was melting. Her legs weren’t so much weakened as they were unwilling to support her at this moment. She began to slump back against the door but Remmy’s hand on her waist kept her steady, pulled her closer to him. She was waiting for him to kiss her for real but he didn’t. He just kept holding her. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw the struggle in his. She knew she must look equally troubled. “Remmy, we can’t do this can we?” she asked with no idea what she even meant by ’this’. “Remmy shook his head, “It’s all my fault. If I’d known…” He trailed off with a pained look on his face.

In that moment Leila made a choice. “You’re wrong.” she declared. Remmy looked at her, confused. Inhaling deeply, Leila went on, “We can do this. Even if it’s just for now, for this one moment we are going to do this.” She wrapped her arms around Remmy’s neck and leaned into him. He dipped his head towards her with a smile tugging at the edge of his lips before their mouths melded. It was a slow kiss, sensual and passionate just the way Leila had always imagined kissing Remmy would be like. She could feel the heat coursing through every part of her body. She didn’t care about anything that came before this moment. This was right, finally everything was right even though she knew everything would soon go back to being wrong. Leila stopped thinking and whispered against Remmy’s soft lips, “I love you too.”

Hey! So it’s been a while since I posted a Free Write Friday, but here I am. It feels good to be back. The latest prompt was to write about a first kiss. I decided I’d go ahead and share the first kiss of the characters in the story I’ve been working on. I felt it would be a good fit with the prompt since everything was pretty much a free write. I never know what’s going to happen until after I’ve finished the sentence. It’s rough, this is the first draft so don’t murder me if there is really horrible grammer or anything of the sort. I probably won’t leave this up long but I did want to share it with you and get some feedback! 

Against the clock

To help you guys get through this hump day I’m sharing my latest song “Against the clock”. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s keep in touch!

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Keep your eyes on these artists!

I thought I’d share some music videos with you guys from some awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. I love supporting other artists and I hope that you will help me spread the word about them! Anyways, these artists are doing some great work and I think we should all keep an eye, or I guess I should say an ear, out for them because they are doing big things!

First up we have “Monuments” by Peter Z which is one of the many favorites of mine from his latest album “Stuck On the Runway”. His 19 track album is awesome, it surprised me because it’s not the normal genre of music I listen to, yet I love it. You will currently find this album in the CD player of my car.
 Twitter: @iampeterz

Next comes “System Distortion” by the amazing Jocelyn Ellis. This song comes from her brilliant conceptual album “Life of A Hologram” or “LOAH” for short. The album in it’s entirety is great and intelligent. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do!
 Twitter: @mindofjE

Last but certainly not least, we have “Take’n Over” by Che’Zee. The duo released their LP “iiKanji” recently (which I need to hurry up and buy! eek). I first heard Che’Zee at an open mic and was immediately smitten by their voices, energy and their passion. I hope you guys enjoy!

 Twitter: @WeAre_CheZee

That’s it for today folks. I hope you will check out each of the artists featured here. Let them know how their music makes you feel, go follow them on your favorite social media platforms. Most importantly, share their hard work with people you know. Go to their YouTube pages and leave them a comment. Tweet to them, tweet about them… you get the picture.